Tips for sizing Collars and Harnesses:

  • Remember that puppies grow quickly, so it is important to check the tightness of your dog collar, harness, or muzzle often.
  • Inspect and replace a collar, harness, or leash as it shows signs of wear.
  • A rule of thumb is to leave an allowance for two fingers to fit between the collar or harness and the dog for a comfortable fit.
  • Dogs, like horses getting fitted with a saddle, may hold their breath while they are getting measured, therefore expanding their chest measurement.
  • If you don't have a tape measure, your can measure your dog's neck or chest with a string then measure the string with a flat ruler.

Scroll down for additional information and sizing guides.


Buckle Style Dog Collar Sizing Guide

Even though your new dog collar or harness is adjustable, it is important to measure your dog carefully for his comfort and your peace of mind. You will not want the collar so loose that is slips over the dog's head or so tight that he can't breathe properly.

Keep in mind that our measurements are from the center bar of the buckle to the farthest hole and that you will be able to adjust the collars or harness down from there.

Please take into consideration that each collar will have 2" of adjustability. Given the example of a 14" dog collar, a 14" collar will adjust from 12" to 14".

  • Collars: If you are satisfied with the fit of your dog’s current collar, measure that collar from the center bar of the buckle to the farthest hole. Our collars are sized according to this measurement, not to the over-all length of the collar which varies by manufacturer. and by whether it is a buckle-end or a dee-end style collar.

    Dog Graphic

    If this is your dog’s first collar or you need a collar in a different size, measure around the dog’s neck with an allowance for 2 fingers to fit between the dog and the collar. The collar shouldn’t be so tight that it will cause discomfort or so loose that it slides over the dogs head.


Martingale Collar Sizing Guide

  • Measure carefully as these collars are sized differently than standard collars.
  • When measuring Martingale Round/Rolled Collars and Martingale Shearling Lined Collars, keep in mind the collar needs to slip over your dog’s head as there is no buckle.
  • First, measure the widest part of your dog’s head. Next, measure your dog’s neck as you would for a standard, buckle-style collar.  Use the larger of the measurements to select a collar that fits between the ranges listed.

Sizes               Fit Range

10”             5-1/2” to 10”

12”             7-1/2” to 12”

14”                  10” to 14”

16”                  12” to 16”

18”                  12” to 18”

20”                  14” to 20”

22”                  16” to 22”

24”                  18” to 24”

26”                  20” to 26”




Dog Graphic


  • Standard Harness: Select a harness using the measurement of the girth - the measurement around the dog’s chest just behind the front legs - allowing space for 2 fingers to fit between the harness and the dog’s body for a comfortable fit. When in doubt, order the next larger size. (You may also find the chart below helpful as a quick reference guide.
  • 3/8x10 adjusts 8-10"
    3/8x12 adjusts 10-12 "
    3/8x14 adjusts 12-14"
    1/2x16 adjusts 14-16"
    1/2x18 adjusts 16-18"
    1/2x20 adjusts 18-20"
    1/2x22 adjusts 20-22 "
    3/4x24 adjusts 22-24"
    3/4x26 adjusts 24-26"
    3/4x28 adjusts 26-28"
    1x30 adjusts 28-30"
    1x32 adjusts 30-32"
    1x34 adjusts 32-34"


  • Figure 8 Harness: To properly fit your pet's new harness, measure the neck, measure the chest, add these 2 measurements together, and add 3.5 inches. Match this measurement with the guide below.
  • XXSmall (fits a pet with a combined measurement of 16-20")
    XSmall (fits a pet with a combined measurement of 20-26")
    Small (fits a pet with a combined measurement of 24-30")
    Medium (fits a pet with a combined measurement of 28-34")
    Large (fits a pet with a combined measurement of 32-38")
    XLarge (fits a pet with a combined measurement of 36-42")


  • Tracking Harness: Measure the chest measurement, add 2 inches and find a size that falls within this range from the guide below.
  • 1x30 adjusts 26-32"
    1x34 adjusts 30-36"
    1x38 adjusts 36-42"