Buckle-End Collar

A Buckle-End Collar is a dog collar where the buckle is at the end of the collar’s strap.


An Extended-Dee-Ring pattern refers to those dog collars where the dee-ring is at the end of the collar’s strap.

Latigo Leather

The word Latigo refers to a type of leather that is tanned in a way that makes it especially soft and supple with use. It is the same leather used for accessories in the saddle-making trade, such as reins and cinches. It’s use results in a durable, attractive dog collar or dog lead.

Bridle Leather

Our tan and black leather products are made of Bridle Leather. Bridle Leather is used to make many of our harnesses and collars because of its rich color and ability to withstand harsh conditions and still look great. It is strong, firm, and resists stretching. Bridle Leathers were developed to withstand the stresses and strains that a horse puts its bridle through.

Natural Vegetable Tanned Skirting Leather

Vegetable Tanning is a process where vegetable materials such as tree bark and other materials are used in the tanning process. The result is a piece of leather that is versatile enough to be used for a variety of applications.

Natural Vegetable Tanned Skirting Leather, the leather used to make the best, hand-tooled saddles, pouches, and accessories, is the same leather used for our harnesses and as a base for our red, black, pink, blue, and yellow collars and leads.

Top Grain or Full Grain Leather

The Grain refers to the surface of the leather. Top Grain or Full Grain Leather is the portion of the hide that is the strongest. Because of this nature of the cut, you may see slight variations in the surface that add to the beauty and character of the piece.